My partner and I were working a site this week about 10 miles west of Henryetta, OK.  Prior to our arrival, the land owners had rented a bulldozer to do some clearing and I was reminded why mulching (technical term is “Forestry Mastication”) is so much better than using a dozer for general land clearing purposes.

The benefits of this process are many:

  • Significantly less top soil disturbance
  • Less time required to use the property as desired
  • The mulch creates a compost enriching the soil beneath
  • Slows the return of unwanted vegetation
  • The use of specialized equipment enables operation on any sized acreage as well as in smaller spaces or more difficult terrain
  • Unlike the use of bulldozers, there are no unsightly piles of tree debris and dirt that remain for years or the added expense to have them burned or removed

In addition to the numerous unsightly brush piles from clearing about 5 acres, there were still more than an acre’s worth of sapling stubs, some up to four (4) inches or more in diameter and several feet high. The land owner asked us to clean up those saplings, stubs and other debris the dozer did not get in addition to clearing the remaining acreage.   The use of bulldozers are certainly necessary for many land clearing and land prep applications.  However, mulching is a great alternative that by all accounts is still relatively new to private land owners.   The concept of “mulching” unwanted trees and vegetation dates back to the early 70’s but the use of this technology on an economic scale to private land owners has only been available since the early 2000’s.

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