One of the things I enjoy about clearing property is the opportunity to see a diversity of livestock roaming about.  Cows, horses, sheep, lamas, chickens… you name it, we’ve helped to give them more areas to graze!   

It’s often that many of them mistake our rig for “feeding time” when we show up early in the morning to get started and they walk, mosey or run up to us in great anticipation of being fed.  They seem puzzled after a while, perhaps even a little upset that we didn’t bring them something to eat!  Nevertheless, their hunger is overcome with curiosity and they venture closer, some brave enough to come right up to us. 

Knowing the value of livestock, we are very careful to consider their whereabouts while working.  In most cases, the moment we fire up our forestry mulcher, they quickly depart to other areas of the property where the grass appears greener at that moment. 

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