I am frequently asked by clients whether or not we can operate in various weather conditions such as rain or temperatures exceeding 100 degrees. The fact is, we provide land clearing and land reclamation services all year long. Just like the U.S. Post Office, we can operate in just about any type of weather including rain, snow, sleet or shine. Because our Caterpillar 299D XHP is built to operate in such conditions and utilizes tracks rather than wheels, we can perform very well in the most challenging weather conditions where other equipment cannot. While there are some weather conditions such as tornadoes, floods, and in some cases steep terrain that has become overly saturated, it is not that often when we have to postpone a job due to weather conditions.

Many of our clients are subject to timelines in which clearing their land within a specified time is a necessity due to agricultural, wildlife conservation, site prep or simply putting their land up for sale. We appreciate that later isn’t an option so we work diligently despite weather conditions to help meet those deadlines.

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